Hace pocas horas a través del instagram de Jonne Koski nos enteramos de su NO participación en los Open 2018 debido a problemas de salud.

Jonne sufrió dos operaciones tras los últimos CrossFit Games. Además tras unas resonancias magnéticas le detectaron una pequeña rotura en el tendón del vasto externo lo que hizo aún más lenta la recuperación.

Es por esto, para conseguir una recuperación completa. Que Koski sacrificará la temporada 2018 y espera volver en 2019 más fuerte que nunca, y lo que es más importante, sin ningún problema físico.

Deseamos una pronta recuperación a Jonne Koski y nos quedaremos a la espera de volver a ver a uno de los mejores atletas de Europa en los Games.


Unfortunately I’m not taking part in this years @crossfitgames season and I won’t be doing the Open for the first time in 5 years. ••• For the past 2 years I was trying to get my knee better by putting a lot of extra effort on warm ups,recovery,rehab and changing the movement patterns. Unfortunately the problems wouldn’t go away and even if I was able to work around the issue most of the time and maintain decent strength levels I felt that I wasn’t able to get better and reach the level that I wanted to and it frustrated me. Last year after the games I had 2 knee surgeries to remove nagging scar tissue that had built up from previous injuries. MRI also showed that I had a tear in my vastus lateralis tendon which has made the recovery a bit slower but has healed well by now. I was hoping that I would be able to compete the 2018 season but my recovery is still in progress and I needed to allow myself more time to heal fully before competing again. Sucks hard to be on the sidelines but I have put my goals to 2019 and started training already. I’m confident that it will be my best year so far! Good luck to everyone competing in the #crossfitgamesopen2018 ?? See you next year! @roguefitness @niketraining @redbullsuomi @foodspring_athletics #hungryfor2019 !

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